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WRX Slovakia s.r.o. is authorized partner and distribution channel for many industry leading companies. Our portfolio is targeted to three main areas includes satellite, mobile landline radio and visual communication. Our clients are both end-users and resellers/partners. We have been started our business immediatelly after political changes in former Czechoslovakia in early 1990. 

In the area of satellite communication we offer both equipment and airtime for world leading satellite networks - Iridium, Inmarsat, Thuraya, Globastar and others. This allow our customers to choose the best solution for them, as the different satellite networks offers different services. These includes voice and data, circuit or packet connections, GPRS like or high-speed data.

In the area of radio communication we distribute complete portfolio of by the years approved two-way radios of Motorola and Tait, and its accessories, be it original or third-parties equivalents. In area of paging we offer complete solutions of CommtechWireless. In our offer you will also find Motorola WiMAX solution Canopy.

In the area of visual communication, or videoconferencing and instant messaging, we offer complete solutions based on software and hardware products of Avaya/advision.

For whole distributed portfolio range we offer professional installation, setting and full turn-on-the-key solution.


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